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Saturday, September 26, 2009


I GOTTA FEELING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT 'ALL' NIGHT WILL BE A GOOD GOOD NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a lot of nuts stuff happening during my exam period..the most suffering moment in my life ever... nightmare.

SOMEHOW I feel that I've reached my maximum capacity to study, totally turned down by this monotonous life.

Thanks Steph for the invitation to taman pertanian, but next week really can't make it.

  • 16/09/09
that day was a gloomy day for me...stress was building up and eating me bits by bits...
waking up at 3pm, not knowing what to do, uneasy feeling. that day, my buddy, lik yi was leaving to UK, cardiff for his law studies. He is a brilliant guy, so deserve it..

thought of not going airport, because the first paper of my exam was really suck that I didn't even have mood to do all those memorising work. calling up my friends, and telling them i would be going to airport to see my friend's departure.

after that ,we went to the mines for our dinner, if not mistaken, San Francisco Pizza. I was in dead hungry that i ate gluttonously. the food was real good. I'm not picky though. thinking that would be the end, and i got to bury myself under the books again...a chunk of notes.. somemore 'triggered' my mood to chill at night..wtf.. I totally lost my control and I was so fine to it if wanted to do such crazy stuff before exam.. knw the hang-over effect the next morning..

went bck home hurrily, grabbing some stuff, dressing up and meeting at friend's house and there we go! actually i was a little worried, first of all H1N1, secondly,I didn't know where to go for those music like 'i gotta feeling' that i wanted to listen with..haha..

saw this in my friend's house..cutie ne..

the gang decided to go avenue k, the 'spaceless' club. haha. surprisingly, they did check our temperature before going in and that relieved me a lot..

you will see no much camwhoring..I was DEAD BORED inside with those techno music that added on pressure to my head expoding. And some stupid SM show with the 'artists' guys and gals with the least cloth, playing with ices, ,pulling the hair on a long stretch of cushioned 'bed'... seriously i didn't understand what the purpose of it and i supposed to pay for the music and tempo, yet it didn't happen all night all. Wondering why I were at a CIRCUS.
THE WORST experience ever.

Sticker on my shirt was given before entering.
saying 'i'm fever, hug me please!'
  • 19/09/09
SOMEONE suggesting to go out for a chill and we were at sky bar. I hated the journey of walking from the car park and went up the endless lift and lounge and lastly only arrived here. stepping in , seeing a lot of guai lou there. and a big swimming pool in he middle with some sparking lights. so nice. Actually that night we did something embarassing, but not going to tell here. Hopefully, you guys will experience the same thing there as us if so UNLUCKY. LmAo.

sky bar, as i said I'm using phone to capture, so unclear twin tower..

2 drafts, cocktail and mocktails..

  • 25/09/09

my Fxxx face after one month of insomnia..shit..
  • 26/09/09
I"M REBORN! My BODY is surged with full energy and fully CHARGED!

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