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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

normal day

hanging out with ah hen yesterday at MV again.. I woke up at 3.30pm and i got a few calls, sms...haha..
finally I decided to spend my monday to go shopping and eating...

lunch at madam kwan

cendol with gula malacca, yummy...I love the coconut extracts...

curry laksa, hen's order.
i just cant take it with my brunch../ lunch

my order...

after shopping, we decided to have dessert, ZEN (subsidiary of secret recipe)
just got to know when i saw the menu.

I had my favourite's green tea cheese cake...I love IT!

afterall, we did shop but it's a window shop. sweat. hopefully to have something next round..

Thursday, October 8, 2009


  • Delicious, MV
called up by friends for yamcha session yesterday. bit reluctant to go, surely the next morning would not be able to go for class at freaking 8am in the morning. A good day doesn't start at as early as 8 when everyone rushing here andthere for work and school. Hate to see these kind of hustle life.

We headed to midvalley after much deliberation. We always like that. Last minute is our favorite though.lol.

this time we have much clearer picture with digital cam..

peaceful and calm ambience with the caged-liked latern

look at the Tiramisu we ordered...zoom zoom zoom from the place we sit

Tiramisu in a glass with the choco chips, cut cake, and the butter cheese...yummy..

Guava frosty and the mango smoothies that get you away from the hot hot day..
I love the guava frosty better though.
Mango smoothies is rather milky.

wondering we didn't have group picture...simply to blame the 'skillful' waitress
that killed the picture.

have been seeing people wearing this. May be not me.
No offence, i meant nothing. haha.
aanyway, have this at rm25 here and rm 5 will be for charity.
why not?


Of course,


headed to Fio's house and continued with the crazy stuff...weirdo's actions had been taken. Photos were taken, will be killed if posted here.
We stayed on till 4 in the morning. AND I supposed to a talk in school at 9am?!!


lying on bed like dead fish.skipped the talk..waked up and rushed to the tutorial class.. what a day..