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Monday, September 28, 2009

craziest night

  • 28-29/09/2009

Bonton, bukti bintang - avenue k

I was invited by fiona to her birthday celebration at a bar, bonton, just opposite the sungai wang.
Together with me were christina, chloe, mag, ning, dai lou and his gf.

birthday's GAL, fiona

There were other people mainly her mum's friends.

And the first step i walked into the bar, there was a dining table. Just before i sit down, i saw a bottle of regal chivas right in front of me with a basket of ice and some mixers. wtf. i was totally stunned and i had not had my dinner yet and i was duber hungry!

there was buffer served and 'roasted pig' , that was the loveliest food that i and ning looking forward, and the skin was crispy and the meat was juicy. OMG. I was thrilled! lol

we were like running in and out for the buffet and the best part was the chicken feet which were awesome.

chloe and I were running away form the liquor group temporarily rest

In the middle was the successful man, EX-tarc lecturer and tutor of our ex-principal(yong lai thye) and now he is a multi-purpose director, a huge and influential guy!

our gang picture with a roasted yummiiiii-pig

Just when we were happily enjoying our dinner, there came a middle-aged man with his 'humour' that took the glass and kept pouring the liquor and that were shot and shot and shot. Until my stomach couldn't take in anymore. I was wondering why he wanted to do so when we were just 21! our stomach are as fresh and new as possible. We should have a healthy life.

And then the story didn't end. He was starting to take up the camera chasing all gals to snap here and there. there was a time when every gal was so so annoying. Mag was shouting " pls stop before I lose my temper". the worst part is he putting his right leg on the table and snapped on Mag. .non sense

12am ticked in . and everyone was so enthusiastic and looking for clubby. lol. I was so so so excited because my last time clubbing with this gang was when my friend's farewell party on FEBRUARY! long ago. It's time to release after the hardwork in school which i don't think i can't take it anymore.

Wait...I left the important part. our birthday's gal. The day would be the happiest day in her life. First, Diamond necklace. Second, Ralph Lauren rings. Third, diamond bracelets. Forth, THICKIEST- 50 notes- ang pausssssssssssssssssssssssss!!! OMG..

xin fu -nya..haha

yammmmmmmm singgggggg!


wen's flowers from australia!

we were heading to quattro after much deliberation. In the club, I was expecting a LIGHT club with little beer. No way they could let you out with steady moving.
HENNESSYYYYYYYY. SHOTsssssssss. And after those stuff, I and the bunch were dancing like mad dog....AND mag was even requesting the DJ to have those lovely songs...simply don't understand why they can't have the supposed-to-be-clubby-songs where we can have endless moves and shakes! SHE was dancing non-stop with different sTyLes...lol.

First bottle done. Relieved, I went to washroom outside the club. strange thing, quattro washroom was outside the club with about 300m. If you were drunk, too bad, pls puking at the club. Back into the house, and I saw.....

brand new HENNESSY...



WHAT TO EXPECT? There would no easy life.

We were shaking till the last minutes and our red shrimp faces appeared.

3am, light music finally signifying the end of a hectic life. MY STOMACH WAS FULLED!!!!!

GREAT night, anyway, thanks to our lovely FIONA for the greatest night!

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charles said...

hate myself for not joining..lolz