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Monday, August 31, 2009


hoo ha!!! I'm excited these yew days handling my stress by burning a hole on my wallet.....

i'm officially broke, ppl birthday...well sorry..then...haha

good motivation

smile smile or laugh

now shopping or nevarrrrrrrrrrr!!!

found this picture...with a little diva...hoho...

need to do some taggy stuff....to cheer myself...

1 ) Besides lips, where is your favourite spot to get kiss?

2) How do you feel when you wake up in this morning?
fxxx alarm clock

3) Who was the last person you took photo with?
a moron

4) Would you considered urself as spoiled?
yes. maybe. sometimes. i don't know. no. or may be more than that

5) Would you ever donate blood.
I'm deprived of blood.

6) Have you ever had a bestfriend who was the opposite sex?

7) Do you want someone dead?

8) What does the last message say?
I love you, from lovely wen...haha!

9) What are you thinking right now?
sex......-xy lips

10) Do you wish someone with you right now?
Yups, didn't ask who.

11) What time you went to bed last night?

12) Where did you buy the T-shirt that you're wearing now?

13) Is someone in your mind?

14) Who was the last person who texted you?
phone downstairs

15) 10 people tagged to do this quiz.

16) Who is 2 having relationship with?
herself. haha

17) Is 3 male or female?

18) If 7 & 10 get together, would it be a good thing?

19) What is 1 studying about?
something takes him closer to death

20) When was the last time you had a chat with 5?
days ago

21)Is 4 single?

22) Say something about 2.
Narcissistic. haha

23) What do you think about 3 & 6 being together?
No idea.

24)Describe 9.
music makes her lose control!

25) What will you do if 6 and 7 fight?
Watch la.

26) Do you like 8?
i don't like. i love.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


  • shopping day

CRAZY shopping.......and skipped lecture...wtf... expect to come back early but almost midnight only back...

BUT i did shop..I mean I really shopped..hahaha...so happy and contented..

that's pull & bear, haha...i can't express how thrilled I am!
I love ONE UTAMA.. haha..seriously shopping can cure 'stress'

Thai Thai restaurant at sunway pyramid... nice restaurant..

pineapple rice, So i won in ordering food. its my choice and the best among the ordered

tom yam...yummy also..btw I ordered a glass of hot water and i scalded my tongue..wth..warm water, should be..nuts...

these are excellent desserts..wow..wow...i love it!

the driver's health condition and school situation forced me to wear mask in the car..hahaha...
this gal was wearing also but then she took off when taking photo..swt..

stop at traffic light, better took a picture to remember the day I broke after this...crazy..

>>>>>damn tired now..going sleep well and tomorrow 8am class!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

URGENT message from uRb!!!

yeah yeah...coming back here..there are 2 important updates (may be not for some, lol)...
ONE, the long-waited for...the 'library' is finally born!!! next tuesday 18th August at the curve...
a library of drinks (chivas, lamborghini...I don't drink ODD drinks..may knocked you out very soon) a library of food (well, pizza will do...to make you less painful of your stomach with 'drinks' later) a library of music (can't r?pe my, can't ra?e my, no you cant ...poker ???...lol...guess la..) a library of entertainment (well, hopefully something to 'cure' my eyes..pretty pretty)
tekan bawah...you will be led to the host web...bud free...for your convenience only

talented? saxophonists, street dance and many more..tekan tekan
hope to see you there very soon be finalists!!!

hopefully you can put on some high school uniform since it's a library...to be the limelight!! have some theme-matched clothes please...


it's a big deal!!! scientists have discovered a planet which is similar to our mother earth with all sources for lives...air..water...... it's called gliese 581d..
NASA collaborated to create this opp0rtunity for you to leave your message to 'alients' (so called, but anyway, they may have the same features as we are, who knows..)
here you once-a-life time comes...log on to the website and type what you want to say to our very neighbours..
but also mentioned that it will take 20.4 years for your messages to reach them and they may not know what you trying to tell them also..but at least it's a try...

my life has been very hectic for nothing..hoefully what i trying to 'repair' works..sometimes we just need to amend our life...adjust adjust...

Sunday, August 9, 2009


hmmmmmmm...promised myself just a couple days ago, no blogging, no outings..
and still...lastly end up in a dark room with music...lol..singing k...
but then it was fun ya..i'm broke..

tak paham why he likes this so much..but anyway, we went for a movie after the singing session..
I can't remember the movie name!! ahhaha!!
I really don't know why..
the synopsis is about a team of 'terrorists' trying to threaten mayor of new york to pay them 10m dollars.
and it all happened around the subway inside the train with about 17 hostages...
that's all i can recall..haha!! tell me the name of movie, anyone..

ok, 'the library' is a club opening soon at the curve..so the above is the present i have from mushroom, fiona and sean..thanks!!!! and it looks like the highschool uniform though...coincidentally good for 'the library'//haha..
can't wait!!!

take care,people..

Thursday, August 6, 2009

so so sad

will stop blogging for about a month unless i have outing..cant wait to go' the library'....ha ha!!

actually it all started when i got to know my 'friend' is freakingly hardworking and i started to feel the tension also..hopefully i'm not dreaming anymore..pls.!

Monday, August 3, 2009

again and again....and finally red shrimp...

Today was a tiring day, however quite a lot of unplanned things going on.. I really don't understand how effective it is to talk in front and for nothing we can absorb, talking about today lecture which I have ran away half way through..It was so upsetting..

And the night arrived when I finally settled down home after pasar malam.. I was bloody exhausted. It was not ending here till I got a call from cat to go hanging out but with no destination. omg! need to get up and drag myself to go out again..

guess what, it was ara damansara again and fullhouse again. Alas! I went there, knowing nothing what I was going to do with the same scene same table same menu...alright, camwhoring by cat and then we jumped into car after bill. supposed to end here and going back...then suddenly someone suggested it would be nice to go the curve for chilling session..


I was like ''acting'' what I did before..lol

Alright, my resistance was not succesful, and in fact, quite tempting..hehe...
reached there and straight went to laundry bar and with the long thought (because I thought we only would go to mamak or something with rm4 bucks with me only..cham!), we ordered a long island iced tea and a beer...

Cat was so resisting to drink and I and ah hen were not supposed to let her go with not even a drop of the drinks. finally, when we came to paying the bills, she was accidentally making the beer spilled. it was only half bottle left! And later on, she nagged here and there to go back home..At the time, we had become red shrimp and no pictures will be shown, everyone swears!! It was painful too see..the long island is simply too strong...haha...


as i said, no faces..too bad to be seen..

afterall, it was a really fun but unplanned outing is really not good. I can't expect what these guys will do next. sigh..

omg..got to sleep now...tomorrow class on 10am..Kiac!